Guide to Using Microwave Safety For Beginners

Roughly 90 percent of US homes have microwave ovens but a lot of people still don’t know how to ‘safely’ use them. There have been lots of grave warnings revolving on the internet that has made large masses worry about the use of this kitchen appliance. However, safety begins on how ‘properly’ you use your microwave. This means it’s not really a threat as long as you use it right. The following microwave safety guides are your best bud in making yourself knowledgeable on how to use a microwave right.

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The Ultimately Crispy, Amber-Hued Pekin Duck Recipe

You can hear about this traditional dish everywhere, especially in Chinese diners. Some restaurants have mastered to make a superb taste out of this bird, but there are also some diners who haven’t been able to reach the fine-dining quality. And I am here to show you how to make the ultimately crispy, amber-hued Pekin duck recipe right at the comforts of your own kitchen so you can develop this recipe anytime you want.

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Harmful Foods That We Love To Eat


In this fast moving world, nobody has enough time to invest in making and taking healthy food which takes ample of time and labour too while making the food. Everyone prefers to have the meal which is easy to prepare and gives delicious taste. There are numerous packaged noodles of different brands are available in market which claims only 2 minutes of preparation time. In developed countries like America, Russia we get everything half cooked from market from chicken to rice. One just has to purchase it and eat it.

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Know The Unhealthy Ingredients Of Gelatin

Gelatin, or gelatine is one of the most important ingredient of jelly. In our childhood, we all loved different preparation of jelly and were ready to give up anything for gelatin desserts. Although those tempting jellies or candies looked colorful with sweet flavors it may surprise to know that the basic element gelatin is tasteless, odorless and transparent fat that is soluble in water.

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Top Health Benefits Of Sapote Oil For Cooking

In tropical countries, like Guatemala we find Sapote oil to be most popularly used in cooking. We extract the oil from the fruit sapodilla. This could be a new addition in the list of organic oils but it has already secured a permanent place there.  There are various use of sapote oil and it has many benefits over human health. Before we discuss the benefits we must know what sapote oil is and what its sources along with composition are.

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Top Stain Removal Tips For Your Cookware

Cooking requires a lot of patience. Especially when you desire to make your place in the list of best cooks in the world, it is necessary for you to be patient and tactful at the same time. Along with the patient, you are required to be ardent in the field of culinary. Though, you might be god-gifted with some unique skills but gaining experience in the cookery field will definitely help you much when you are trying to make your career in the food industry.

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